The Wonders of Silk

Luxury, beauty, refinement, elegance, sensuality-silk is synonymous with all of these. NO FIBER-natual or manmade-rivals its versatility. Silk is light but strong, smooth and soft, supremely adaptable. It can be made wonderfully warm or deliciously cool. It can be dyed with infinite subtlety or boldness of color. When worn draped, its fluidity is spellbinding. Silk Read More


Silk is a natural protein fiber made from unraveling the cocoons of silkworms. The silkworm creates a cocoon using its pair of salivary glands called sericteries, which creates the protein fibroin. Fibroin is a clear, proteinaceous fluid that comes out of the mouthpart of the silkworm larva like a spinneret. The fibroin is a continuous Read More