Tie Dye Fun

Got? Need? Want? Tie-dye? https://b4idye.com/product/mask-making/Buy a tie-dye Customize and buy the tie-dye Make Tie-Dye at the workshop or Throw a Tie-Dye Party! Tie Dye Tie Dye Party Choose a design, squirt the colors, let it set! Come visit us or We deliver! small minimum required Erika 231.649.0555 rik@b4idye.com   Read More

Smiles made

  [CBOX_PRO id=1922] We make smiles with paint and dye Got kids? 3? 55? 2000? We bring the fun. We clean up. masks tie dye tutus pillows   Read More

TuTu Making

TuTus! Custom Made  TuTu making! Read More

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