erika cizma

Wonder Woman

1915325_10207866883417270_3520061844549542018_nMy name is Erika Cizma.  I am an artist, photographer, designer. I am a mother and a wife, a teacher. Above all, I am a free spirit.

I spent my childhood in Buffalo, New York where I graduated from the Buffalo Academy for the Visual andPerforming Arts. A majority of my college education was spent in Chicago, Illinois at Columbia College.  While in Chicago, I met my husband and raised 5 children, all while following and supporting his chef lifestyle through moves to Michigan and Arizona, before settling down here in Southern California.

I am a Wonder-of-a-Woman that has brought all of her passion for the arts together to open my own traveling boutique and studio, integrating shopping, art, and a truck.

The mission of Before I Dye, is to pass on the same passion for the arts that I’ve carried with me my whole life to the next generation.

erika cizma

Painted by Elaine Cizma